Did you know
that data centres will soon have a bigger carbon footprint than the entire aviation industry? Source

Nope? Neither did we.

At the Panoply, we know that we are facing an imminent climate and ecological crisis. We have been working to understand our impact and find ways in which we can be part of the solution.

What we have discovered is that the contribution of the digital economy to climate change is shocking, and it is growing at an alarming rate.

Digital emissions are largely invisible. We don’t see dirty smoke coming out of our devices every time we browse the web, but that doesn’t make the impact any less real.

This week, thousands of people are taking to the streets to demand climate action. At the Panoply, that action starts today.

We are making this pledge together.

Our plan of action

Here is how we plan to start our journey towards building a sustainable digital industry.

We will keep you updated with our progress and share anything that might be useful so that together, we can make bigger changes sooner.

For individuals

Sustainable working policies

  • Circulate a best practice document and send regular communications to influence employee behaviour

Green incentive schemes

  • Incentivise sustainable behaviour through employee reward schemes

Time off for climate action

  • Matched leave for people who want to support the climate strikes in September

For our company

Measure and minimise environmental impact

  • Measure as much of our carbon emissions as possible (not just the stuff we have to)
  • Audit all of our current waste and identify areas for improvement
  • Switch all of our owned electricity supply to renewables
  • Encourage public transport when available and only fly when absolutely necessary

Carbon neutrality

  • After minimising our activities, we will offset any carbon we are left with and invest in programmes that are helping those who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change

For our clients

Responsible partner requirements

  • Doing due diligence on suppliers, giving preference to sustainable businesses
  • Disclosing any climate conflicts from our portfolio each year

Recommend sustainable practices

  • Helping our clients to minimise their impact by always advocating for sustainable products, services and practices

For the industry

Raise awareness

  • Publicly declare a climate and ecological emergency
  • Using our platform and networks to talk about the issues that our industry creates and opportunities to alleviate them

Open source information, research and strategy

  • Work with partners to try and find solutions faster
  • Any work that we do or ideas we have to be more sustainable will be open sourced

Get involved

If you are interested in hearing more about our journey or in getting involved, please leave your details.